'Duerr's Marmalade Commission'

Getting the opportunity to work on this commission piece has been a monumental step for me on my journey as an artist. To think how far Habitats have come in a relatively short space of time has really driven home how much the hard work has paid off. Duerr’s link to industrial Manchester has been really well reflected in this work, and I hope the graft and craft of the process shows through on the final artwork labels. How great is it to see linocuts feature unadulterated on the very front of a product label in this digital age? Duerr’s are the UK’s oldest family owned jam producer and that sense of tradition with progress is a lovely link and made it the perfect project to be involved in!

GM Assets3.jpg

New Project; Unmap_Remap

Having a varied catalogue of quite randomly composed medium format photography has allowed me to set off on a new tangent utilising my Risograph, so here’s the formally introduced Habitats; UnmapRemap project. Working to combine the two processes to abstract and deconstruct my architectural photography even further, reducing it to patterns, abstractions & awkward arrangements without the use of major editing so the photograph is still the main essence of the piece and isn’t lost ‘in-process’. Follow the project in the portfolio drop-down menu.


'Habitats; Rain City Creeps'

Linocut//Edition of 80//Cyclus Offset 270gsm

Inspired by the humble bricklayers and builders of domestic architecture, this piece is based on the finer details; the patterns in brick above doorways & under windows, all the skilfully executed labour intensive graft that goes often unnoticed in these unique northern properties. Available soon in store.


'Habitats; 1StepForward//2Back'

Linocut//Edition of 30//Cairn Eco Kraft 280gsm

Designed with thoughts on our obsession with so called property ladders, this piece questions the notion that a house of the same intrinsic design can somehow be worth more because of location & postcode, when in effect it is still the same bricks & mortar. Is moving up the ladder really a step forwards?

'Habitats; Love & Light'

Risograph//Edition of 15//Cyclus Offset 170gsm

This design was conceived after a visit to Manchester Art Gallery to see the Annie Swynnerton exhibition as part of the centenary celebrating the right to vote for women in 1918. I fell in love with the plainly displayed quote pasted above one of her paintings and it made me consider the lack of female voices quoted in all those proudly Mancunian themed, 'in yer face' artworks & graphics you see in the local pub or being snapped up by tourists in town. Why always Morrissey // Gallagher? Hopefully this piece is a nod to the life of the first elected female member (since the late 1700’s) of the Royal Academy of Arts, and celebrates the love, light & hope of her work.